Friday, August 26, 2011

the piano

Despite our in-laws, I am continuing to prepare to start school next Monday. It is going to be a trick because the girls are going to need some serious grandparent deprogramming in conjunction with the beginning of school but we will start. One of the fun things that happened this week is the piano was moved into the basement.

It is a 1973 console Story and Clark piano. I bought it from the original owner for $200.00. Next week Thursday, the piano tuner will come and tune it. The week of 9/12 the girls will start lessons. I am very excited for them.

My husband doesn't seem to grasp that I have no intention of having the girls do loads of seat work and that we don't need to clutter up the basement with desks. Yesterday, his Mom bought us two small desks for the girls. Sigh.

One of Tim's biggest concerns about homeschooling through the years leading to our decision to homeschool was the "socialization" argument. I have avoided having the argument with him because I know that learning it slowly sort of through osmosis works best (in conjunction with prayer). He was voicing his concerns about it just the other day again. I hope as the year progresses he will learn to understand (he also worries about the girls getting tired of each other and needing space - of course those who've researched the socialization argument know that neither of those concerns hold water or are valid).

I will continue to work on the girls interaction skills and hopefully by the end of the year, with God's blessing, we will find ourselves making significant inroads in the bickering, arguing, and selfishness.

I also can't wait to prove that learning doesn't require loads of seat work!!

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