Monday, November 14, 2011

title debates - she suffered for these or autumn blue or shocking color?

We took a walk today for physical education. I truly believe the kind of things you or I might do for exercise are the kinds of things we should do for exercise with our children. So when the weather is good we take bike rides - but today seemed like a day for a walk.

There is no more beautiful shade of blue than autumn blue.

I saw a bluejay framed on bare branches framed by this sky - I so wanted a shot but for some reason those big black cameras always scare them away.

Few leaves are left hanging on.

But the wild cucumber pods still hang on adding a strange decoration to the trees.

Birch is such a winsome tree, don't you think?

The fuzzy seed pods and decorative grasses beckoned to K to linger and pick them.

And red stems and green berries attracted Mom's notice.

Unfortunately, Mom did not warn K that dried grass and weeds can be quite sharp.

She paid for her autumn bouquet.

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no spring chicken said...

Poor baby! But she looks like she found her bouquet worth it... What a beautiful day. Made me realize how few walks we've taken lately. Too few. I really hate busy!

Once again I just love to stare at your beautiful photos. And once again I say, your models definitely help make the pictures. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Blessings, Debbie