Friday, February 24, 2012

No Beatrix Potter, Here.

This morning, while K was practicing piano, I was working on getting caught up on some business emails, I felt something tickly on my leg so I stomped my foot and felt something fall onto my foot, I flipped on the light and saw a tiny mouse scoot under the computer desk.

My first thought is I am a grown woman and do not need to make a fuss but my second thought was I would feel much better if I vented. So I started screaming and ran upstairs and woke up my husband yelling that I had a mouse in my pants. Of course, the girls were quite upset.

I went downstairs and found the sticky trap we had leftover from the chipmunk incident. That little creatures was wandering around without a care in the world, as if he didn't see me at all. If I had something, I could have caught him but he scooted when I got close to him (mice are extremely shortsighted and this one seemed especially so (Hmm...I wonder if that is the origin of the song Three Blind Mice)). I placed the trap and went upstairs.

I was in our bedroom changing when K came running in screaming that the mouse was at the bottom of the stairs. C was in the doorway at the bottom of the stairs preventing the mouse from escaping so I grabbed an empty peanut butter jar and tried to catch it but the jar was a bit small, so C got me a shoe box sized Tupperware. I managed to pin the little creature between the stair and the box and so I put the pb jar by his head and let the box go and so caught him.

He was absolutely adorable. Mice are cute - Beatrix Potter's illustrations prove it. However, unlike that fine woman, I am not interested in having one living in my house.

So we released the little guy at a nearby park and then proceeded to harass him by following him around and taking photos of him. Fortunately, I only put a 256 memory card in my camera and could only take 30 shots and was so forced to leave him alone.

I am OCD, I've washed my hands so many times today that they are drying out. :)

While I was obsessing to Tim, he asked me a simple question. "In the twelve years we have lived in this house, how many rodents have we found in it?" I replied "Two." He said, "No, three." He's right we've had a deer mouse, a chipmunk, and now this little field mouse.


no spring chicken said...

O.K. Melissa... you just 'cuted' us to death! Erin will not be content with just a horse now... she wants a mouse. ;)

Blessings, Debbie

* I get it now. MOA stands for Mall of America. Ahhh.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Oh wow, my hats off to you. I've taken pictures of snakes in my backyard but a little mouse would still makes me go looking for my husband :) :) LOL