Friday, April 20, 2012

birds and walks (or bird walks?)

The girls and I try to take regular walks or bike ride/runs (they ride and I run). Yesterday, we walked as my hips have been bothering me. I don't often photograph our walk when we are out by the highway. It is much nicer to photograph the wooded trails down in the creek.

I was recently reading about how modern people are so narrow and closely focused from staring at our electronics all the time -and of course I am fond of macros - so I tried a long shot. Some of what I was reading reminded me of this poem by Larkin. It has always been one of my favorites.

Long Sight In Age by Philip Larkin
They say eyes clear with age,
As dew clarifies air
To sharpen evenings,
As if time put an edge
Round the last shape of things
To show them there;
The many-levelled trees,
The long soft tides of grass
Wrinkling away the gold
Wind-ridden waves- all these,
They say, come back to focus
As we grow old.

If I were to name the above photo - I would call it 'dance steps' can you see why? I've been considering this shot for awhile.

A month or two ago, I picked up a book at the library that included an audio of bird songs - K loved it and listened to it constantly. Now when we take walks, K always wants to know what birds she hears. I am better than your average person at recognizing bird songs but not that good.

When I was at the homeschool conference last weekend, I was thrilled to find an audio of the bird songs of Minnesota birds. After some thought, I bought the book that went with it too. I am so glad I did. K thanked me enthusiastically, extravagantly, and repeatedly for the book and audio.

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Grace'n'Chaos said...

Wonderful photographs Melissa! I especially like 'dance steps' : D