Tuesday, April 3, 2012

family, sisters, children (way too many pics but my nieces and nephews are cute!! )

Yes - this is a straight cut and paste from my other blog.

It has been busy, active, and a bit noisy around here. My sister B lives in Michigan. On Wednesday after their oldest daughter, G, was done with school, they left home and drove to Minnesota. They showed up on our doorstep around 3:30 Thursday afternoon. While they stayed in a hotel, they ate at our house and hung out at our house a fair amount. The doll above is my sisters youngest. L is six months old and sweet as can be. Below is B's middle girl, E, who is about 2.5 years old.

Friday night, my parents showed up and on Saturday we went to the hospital to see my sister A's family. Last Monday, my nephew K broke his arm falling out of bed. On Wednesday, I got a phone call from A asking about where to go to a Goodwill to buy button down shirts for K.

I'm a bit dim. I couldn't figure out why he needed button down shirts. Once I figured it out, I went to Goodwill and bought him some shirts. The Hawaiian print you see above is a bit big but I really wanted to buy him a Hawaiian shirt so...:)

A is holding my sister's baby in the photo above.


After B and her husband saw the twins, we moved to the Ronald McDonald House. My sister's family  has moved into the off-site RM house and so that is where we went. The adults did a lot of sitting, visiting, holding little ones, and taking catnaps.

Tim takes a nap.

There is a huge play castle at the Ronald McDonald house. It is very, very cool. In the shot above, my K is preparing to bring the dragons up to to the top of the castle to live there.

K grills on the castle balcony.

Life-saving extraction. This dragon had three small people wedged inside of him.

Sorry about all the pictures of L but she is so very, very, very cute. She loved me so I got to hold her lots and lots.

My Mom

It was quite nippy this weekend but the kids did decide they wanted to go outside. I took lots of shots of them swarming over the playground. There were only five of them but they were in perpetual motion so that it seemed like there were many, many more.

These children have fabulous imaginations. Because of the castle there were many games with dragons, pixies, fairies, queens and other fantastic creatures.

I really like the reflection shot I took of my two sisters in the photo above.

The last game the kids played had to do with pixies making a home on an island that was actually a whale. Here K is calling them all to get on the boat so they can get away!!

Everyone left today.

An update on the twins. The week started out a bit rough but it improved steadily. I understand that today was a bit rougher again but overall, they seem to be improving.

I think staying in a place that has more than one room and that isn't actually at the hospital has really chirped up my sister and her family. Apparently the day they moved in, K went and sat in his room just happy to have a place of his own.

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no spring chicken said...

Your family certainly has more than their fair share of beautiful children! Beautiful.

What a blessing the Ronald Mcdonald house is. My prayers are with you all!

~~ Debbie