Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've been creating mail art lately. Somewhere along the line, while trying to come up with lovely enclosures for my gorgeous envelopes. I decided that little booklets would be fun and then I could call them epistolary novels - instead of plain epistles (okay - so they really are just letters - but big words are fun).

I used some post cards as covers for my little booklets and then me and the girls wrote some letters to my parents.

I absolutely love the details of C's graphics in the booklet above. She included home-made bread and coffee - two of my Dad's favorites (my Dad is a tremendous maker of breads - and he does it the old-fashioned way). I also love her little (ubiquitous) inquiry into the weather. She makes a rather mundane question a darling question! :)

After we finished our letters, we put them in one of the envelopes made from an old Norman Rockwell art book that some friends gave me (they wanted the cover to bind old family documents in so they carefully gutted the book and gave me the innards).

I laughed when I was blocking out the address - if you know the Dutch, you will understand why. My maiden name is quite long - as a result - the address looks tiny.

We dropped in the mail last night.

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no spring chicken said...

I'm definitely going to copy this idea. We've done the enveloped from trashed book pages for years but I'd never seen the postcard book. Love it!

And I'm still trying to process those fabulous bear shots from the other day. Unbelievable...

Blessings, Debbie