Wednesday, June 20, 2007

crafts and such

Did you make things when you were a child?

I did. My Mom was always finding different projects for me to do. As an adult, I realize that some of the projects were probably things she wanted to try for herself but since they were kid projects... :) And guess what, I do that to my kids sometimes too.

My Mom also taught me many of the useful basics for arts, crafts, and home-making. I learned to embroider and sew among other things. I also learned a great deal by watching her. My Mom is a quilter. I am not. However, one blazing hot summer day in Kansas (we did not have air), I decided to piece a simple blanket. I went upstairs accumulated some flannel pieces that I liked and piecced them into a pattern that radiated from the center. I knew enough to put the blocks together in strips and then sew the strips together. I knew this from watching my Mom.

I do crafts with the girls but I shy away from trying to teach them anything practical as I remember how bull-headed I was when my Mom tried to teach me and how much I frustrated her.

Just the same. C has already learned the basic order of certain projects. The other day I was about to do something and she told me exactly how to go about it and it was the method I had in mind.

Kids watch. Kids learn.

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