Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hansel and gretel

illustration by Eloise Wilkins

Hansel and Gretel is one of those fairy tales that is hard to forget. I can think of several reasons why it sticks with a child all the way into adulthood.

Who can resist the idea of a house made of candy? It has the same magic as sugar plums dancing in little ones' heads while they wait for the delight of Christmas morning and wondrous gifts.

Finding a house of delicious foods that Mom and Dad always seem to frown on is like entering the upside down world of Alice's Wonderland or that fantasy game of Candyland.

Or perhaps what sticks is the image of innocence lost when Gretel pushes the wicked witch into the fireplace.

illustration by Eloise Wilkins

It is hard to say why Hansel and Gretel stick in the mind so well. But it is certainly a disturbing tale. For more information about it read my article at Suite101.


Heather said...

I still love Eloise Wilkin's illustrations--even if all the kids look related. :) I think part of the reason Hansel and Gretal appeals is that it is a classic tale of a weaker person overcoming a much stronger and wiser.

HeatherG said...

I love this edition of this story too - was trying to figure out which one we had read as kids and your site was the one where I found it. Thanks!