Monday, September 12, 2011

leaves are changing

It is starting to feel like fall around here (if you excuse the 88 degree temps we had today). Maybe, I am just anxious for fall and so it feels like fall in spite of the heat and dry weather.

I found the template for these thumbprint trees at Style Unveiled. It is meant to be used for weddings but, well...I added a little text to the image to make it 'special' for the girls.

We've also made these trees from a tutorial by the always wonderful Amanda of Crafts by Amanda. We bought the bags (which are actually snack size not lunch size - lunch sized would have been nice), the moss, and the foam leaves all at Dollar Tree. You gotta love a three dollar craft with plenty of left-overs for the next round of crafts!!


Amanda said...

Soooo fun! The trees are awesome, they did a fabulous job, thanks for sharing!!

no spring chicken said...

Wonderful fall inspiration! I just took a mosey through your blog and it is delightful. Full of ideas and beautiful girls... I've been homeschooling Charlotte Mason style for about 14 years now and still have 4 to go~

Blessings, Debbie