Thursday, September 8, 2011

of caterpillars, seals, ribbons, and dreams

First, a rather poignant look at K's very tender heart. K is my youngest. She is a very compassionate and affectionate little girl. In the preceding post, you see the girls playing with the wooly bears we brought home from our bike ride that day. K fell in love with wooly bears. Yesterday, on our bike ride she would brake for wooly bears, often stopping and moving them to the side of the trail.

As we were riding along she suddenly stopped and started wailing. She had rolled over a wooly bear. C looked at it and said "I think it is okay, see it crawling?" It was crawling, it had green ooze following it but since it comforted K, I decided not to mention it. As we prepared to resume our ride, I started to warn K to watch her back wheels, but alas, I was too late. She rolled over the wooly bear. This time, he was truly dead.

K was devastated. It took a fair amount of consolation to stop her crying. It came up through lunch and afternoon devotions and reading. Then came our rest time. The girls are to spend an hour quietly in their room, every afternoon. It gives us all a time to regroup. K likes to slip into bed with me if I try to take a half hour nap at this time. I permit it as long as she is quiet and doesn't wiggle.

My very high contact girl stops her endless motion if she can snuggle with Mom. I thought that since she was so upset about the caterpillar, I would offer to let her know when I lay down.

When she crawled into bed next to me, she told me that she had thought it through and that what she should have done was waited for the caterpillar to crawl to the edge of the trail before she began biking or she should have walked her bike around him or she should have moved him to the side of the trail.

Then she asked me if we could snuggle together every day.

This is what was still in my bed almost an hour after I got up from my half hour nap.

In ancient history this week, we learned that "Instead of signing their names, the Sumerians used cylinder seals, which they rolled across wet clay. No two seals were alike, so the owner could always be identified." (The Usborne Book of World History).

The seals they showed in the book had figures carved on them. Some seals also included cuneiform symbols on them.

Today, we made our own version of a cylinder seal.


Sturdy cardboard tube
Foam stickers
Ink pad


Decorate your tube with foam stickers.

Roll your tube in ink, making sure to completely cover the stickers in ink.

Roll your cylinder seal across a sheet of paper.

Admire your signature!!

As you may have noticed, I've been playing with different hairstyles on the girls.

K loves having the ribbon wove through her hair. She also likes all the compliments she gets every time we go out.

Sweet dreams tonight.


Beth Covalt said...

I love what you are doing with your girls, and you inspire me along this journey together. Love your sweet K's tender heart. May she always keep it.

Phyllis said...

I love your stamps! I will have to remember this one when we go around again with history. I love the hairstyle! I had only one girl and she was a tomboy...she would never let me do her hair!