Sunday, October 16, 2011

a field trip to the Minnesota Raptor Center

On Thursday, we went to the Minnesota Raptor Center with the homeschool group from the previous post. We hope to join them when an opening comes available.

Here, the girls -- check out their wingspan.

The students got to examine a raptor's claw close-up.

Above is a peregrine falcon and below is an American Kestrel. Kestrel's are beautiful little birds. Since our visit to the Raptor Center the girls talk about them all the time. As a result, we've begun watching the documentary Kestrel's Eye.

The girls showed well. They've watched David Attenborough's ten episode series "The Life of Birds" and were able to answer many questions on the tour (BTW the link has a video clip of a lyre bird that is truly amazing).

Kira is especially anxious to go back. In fact, she made a special request that Dad go with us next time.

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no spring chicken said...

I am fascinated by raptors. They are majestic, intelligent birds. What a fabulous trip!