Sunday, October 16, 2011

things the girls make with no help from me

Charis received an origami book for her birthday in September. Recently, she made a bouquet of different flowers from the book. She figured these out from the instructions, all on her own.

Kira wanted to give flowers to her Sunday School teacher last week. We bought flowers and put them in a Looza Juice bottle. Then I made a fancy bow for the bottle. I am not talented at bow making so I use the much simpler cut and hot glue method. K must have watched me quite closely because the following Monday she started making these out of paper. I was seriously impressed.

On Friday, she started drawing, coloring and cutting hearts. She wanted to make garland. I showed her how to punch the hearts (which I subsequently did for all of them as her hands weren't strong enough to manage the punch) and string them on the garland. She took her time and made this string all on her own.


Phyllis said...

Melissa...they are beautiful! How wonderful!

no spring chicken said...

What creative girls you have! I LOVE that first photo and understand why the eye is your thumbnail... I've never seen such beautiful eyes.