Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty much all of this post is copied from my other blog. I am sorry if you read both blogs - this will seem like a bunch of repetition.

I found this project at Lindsey Daniella Did It via Pinterest.

You can read about the why behind these crayon art pieces on my other blog, those northern skies.

Gail, from that artist woman, has a tutorial for these fabulous plaster leaf prints.

We had fun making the leaf prints but nothing like the fun we had making her plaster frescoes.

The lion is done by C my ten-year-old. The planet Jupiter surrounded by stars of various temperatures is done by K my seven-year-old. I made the simple red flowers.

As you can tell, we even cracked and stained our frescoes to make them look old and authentic.

If you want a fun project try the frescoes!!

We've been making lots of tree/leaf crafts. We made these awesome paper bag trees by Amanda of Crafts by Amanda (via Pinterest).

We made these thumbprint trees using a template from Style Unveiled (via Pinterest).

We made tons of leaf prints like the one above (K thought they were the absolute most fun to make) from Kleas (via Pinterest).

We created this little tree using a branch from our ugly dying bushes, and coffee filter leaves (we used food coloring instead of water coloring as suggested in the instructions) with an idea from The Crafty Crow (via Pinterest).

And finally we made these dragonfly silhouettes based on an idea in my brain (via my hands).

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