Thursday, December 1, 2011

books and birthdays

Yesterday, I got out the box of Christmas books. I want to try to share a few books here and there so first I will show you my Christmas Golden Books. Notice, one of them is about the Nutcracker, which is my not so subtle segue to my Nutcracker books and one of my birthday gifts I received yesterday and my Nutcracker collection.

Have you ever read the original Nutcracker? Because I like nutcrackers, I bought the original story by E.T.A. Hoffman (because I have a thing about going back to the source). Hoffman must have smoked opium. It is a bizarre story.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will start bringing out the nutcrackers.

Isn't the Sherlock Holmes nutcracker that K gave me for my birthday adorable?

Speaking of birthdays, C bought me this hat for my birthday. I really, uber-like it.

Hubs bought me a new (and desperately needed camera bag), a new toy which I used for these photos (a soft box for my flash), and this digital candy thermometer. :)

Look what else I found in the book box, a nativity! My Mom got this for me when the girls were little. I think we will put it together this year. The copyright is 1981.

If you go to those northern skies, you can take a look at the gorgeous pop-up nativity I have as well as check out the beginning of boxing season. :)

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KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I like your collection of Nutcracker versions, we also love the Nutcracker in this house, but generally do not read Hoffman's original version! It's not suitable for my daughter's age group. I also got out Nutcracker collection this past weekend. I will be dancing as Mother Ginger with my daughter in a couple of weeks so we have been listening to Tchaikovsky for about 1 hour a day for the past 4 weeks!