Saturday, December 3, 2011

nutcrackers - shared joy

I have a rather extensive nutcracker collection. However, I hadn't brought my nutcrackers out for years (there is a tedious reason that I won't get into here). Last year, when we were at Goodwill, K found Target's remaindered nutcrackers for sale. She fell in love with them. When she found out that mom owned nutcrackers she asked if she could buy me a nutcracker for Christmas. So I let her buy me the Mouse King.

As a result, I decided that I ought to start bringing out my nutcrackers again. So after our trip to GW I brought them out. K was thrilled.

This year she decided to buy me another nutcracker for my birthday so on Wednesday I received this handsome Sherlock Holmes.

Today we pulled out the nutcrackers and decorated the living area with them. Many of these nutcrackers came from my MIL. She tends to go overboard when she discovers something a person likes.

We call him a Musketeer although, I am not sure why he has the stolen loot. Perhaps I should call him The Highway Man.

I am particularly fond of the short dumpy nutcrackers. :)

Isn't this Musketeer neat? I like his musket and sword.

Doesn't this knight have a sweet face? These nicer nutcrackers with the felt costumes are from Nutcracker Village and are from my in-laws.

This is my only Steinbach nutcracker, again, it comes from my in-laws. He is from 1999 (which is the year I got him) and I just googled him and found him selling for $600. OUCH!!

These ornament nutcrackers are from Nutcracker Village too. They do not go on the tree (I have two that do and they will be shown later).

This giant nutcracker is over three feet tall and very heavy. He is another gift from my in-laws. Last year I got him out and climbed the ladder to put him on top of the entry closet. He has stayed there all year.

He actually has a custom box that my FIL made for him.

So where do I put all these nutcrackers?

Why above my kitchen cabinets of course.

The ceramic Christmas Tree is one that Tim's aunt made and that his maternal grandmother had in her house for years. Tim was fond of it. When Nanny died, my MIL didn't want the tree so we took it.

My cabinets are wired across the top with a boat load of outlets (thanks to my FIL) because I used to put my California Mission Figures (they are like those village house that people collect but each one represents a different California Mission and comes with a little card telling about that particular Mission)up there at Christmas time. I haven't pulled them out in years either - maybe when the girls are older.

By the way, while we are looking above my cabinets. They have been decorated with mirrors like this for about a year and a half. I have considered painting all the mirrors one color such as black (bad choice for dust) or white (bad choice according to hubs) or some matte gold so that they match.

A few weeks ago when I had book club at my house it was discussed and the consensus is they like the mismatched look. What do you think?

I also put nutcrackers (the smaller ones) on the railing above the entry (we have a split entry).

I have three thrift store oil paintings of mountains behind the railing - I kind of liked how these guys looked in front of them! :)

Check out boxing season II.


Angel said...

Love the Nutcracker Highway man. There's something about a rakish hat.

Both your blogs are beautiful, by the way, and I've listed you as a Versatile Blogger on my new blog:

Love your Nativities post on Those Northern Skies.

Pam Barnhill said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. So the blanket skirt never goes away, eh? LOVE the nutcrackers. We have gone to the local ballet for the past three years and have a nutcracker from each performance (two from the last one in fact). I imagine after next weekend we will have two more. Your collection is lovely.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Wow! Your collection is amazing, Melissa. I enjoyed looking at all of them. It's interesting that your daughter had a 'pull' towards nutcrackers before she knew you collected them. How nice to know another generation will enjoy them as much as you. ☺

PS...I like the eclectic look of the mirrors. ☺ Happy Monday!