Friday, December 9, 2011

squirrels and caterpillars and angels

So far, we've attracted 0 birds and 2 squirrels to our bird feeders and water bath.

This portion of our deck is off the back of the house and can be viewed through the sliding glass door in the master bedroom. I peeked at him through the curtains. I do not think he could see me at all because he blissfully ignored me until I took a number of photos.

The shutter on my camera is very, very loud and I think he could hear it echoing off the glass. Soon he moved and came towards me along the railing. His tail was twirling furiously and I would guess that if I could have heard him, he was chattering up a storm.

I honestly don't think he could see me (I think between the curtains and the reflections of sunlight - it wasn't possible).

It was very funny.

Crochets are the term given to the hooks on the prolegs of caterpillars that help them cling to surfaces as they move around.

Crochet is also a term for given to a form of knotting and weaving my Mom used to make this angel for Tim and I when we first got married.

I do not think my girls have watched my Mom crochet - she does a lot more quilting these days.

I want her to do a little crochet in front of the girls. Maybe the visual will help them remember the term which doesn't seem to be sticking.

When I got the angel out, K was super impressed with the angel and asked how Grandma made it. I told her Grandma crocheted it and I would have Grandma show her how crocheting is done. She said "I bet it took Grandma a long time to make that angel."

C fell in love with angel, which we found at a thrift store when she was in preschool. I tucked it into our packages with the help of a clerk and gave it to C for Christmas that year.

I found this one at a thrift store too. I find her homeliness very, very sweet.


no spring chicken said...

Yes, have your mother crochet for them... It's one thing to learn a term, another to see it. Anybody could demonstrate it for them but it will forever mean something entirely more if grandma is the one that shows them.

You already know all of this... it's why I enjoy visiting you!

Love the angels. Enjoy this day. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Your mother's crochet angel is beautiful. What a wonderful keepsake! I agree the last one has a special homily look to her, very sweet : D