Tuesday, January 17, 2012


For Christmas, K got a set of nesting dolls, which the Russians call matroyshkas but are sometimes called babushkas too. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph her dolls when I was taking pictures for this post. :)

K likes what I call magical toys. She adores things like snow globes, matroyshkas, and music boxes, kaleidoscopes, etc. I decided it would be fun to do some crafts that tied into her interest. I made myself some fun fabric babushkas for the kitchen and the girls made these (from a tutorial from Whip Up).

We used some more of our shaving cream marbleized paper (we made our Christmas trees with the same papers).

Currently, they hang-out on the mantle (along with some of C's origami flowers).

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no spring chicken said...

My secret stash money is being saved to purchase some wonderful Japanese fabric that has babushkas on it. That doesn't sound right... Do the Japanese call them babushkas too I wonder?? ;)

Blessings, Debbie