Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home Again - Home Again

I am blessed to have parents who can watch my girls while hubs and I go to Mexico on a company retreat with his business. We returned bearing a few gifts for the girls.

We picked up these novelty toys for a little bit of nothing.We also got the girls little sombreros for their dolls but as the dolls were confiscated and put in my closet after a fight, I have not photographed them yet.

K's 'big' gift is this little pewter armadillo. K loves the bizarre unusual when it comes to animals. She happens to think capybara are the most fascinating animals in the world right now. I so wish we had seen agouti on this trip (we did last time) so that I could photograph them for her. Last time we visited the Riviera Maya, one of our party even had the good fortune to see a coati.

The pewter was ridiculously inexpensive and so we bought my Mom and Dad a very pretty calla lily spoon rest for their kitchen. I didn't, however, photograph it.

For my flamboyant and hat wearing C, we did buy a sombrero.

I will draw your attention to the sweater vest she is wearing in this photo. It is one my Mom started for my sister over twenty years ago. She finally pulled it out and finished and gave it to C.

You can see the photos from my first day in Mexico on my other blog.


no spring chicken said...

I did pop over to see your Mexico photos. What a beautiful time. And what a blessing to have that benefit!

Our family went on a small groups mission to Mexico for several years and although we worked hard, we also played hard and enjoyed the people and the different culture.

Love the girls souvenirs. It just goes to show you that gift giving doesn't need to be expensive when you really KNOW the recipients.

Blessings, Debbie

no spring chicken said...

Oh yes! I forget to mention how special that crocheted vest is. What a treasure!!