Saturday, February 11, 2012

poetry and art

This year, I've met with a friend and her SIL for a little homeschool group twice a month. It started when my friend Penny asked if I would teach a photography class for her high schooler. The girls almost immediately decided that they wanted Miss Penny to teach them poetry (she is a published poet).

Penny's brother and SIL had just recently moved back to this area and they homeschool their children as well, so they joined us.

Before Christmas, we met at Penny's house, where I taught her son a series of lessons that covered the basics of photography. Now, that we have covered the basics, his assignments have more to do with practice exercises and so I suggested that I teach the kids art (I had tons of fun teaching art last year).

It makes more sense to meet at the house with the art supplies so we met here. As always, I am surprised by people's response to my house. People think it is neat and don't seem at all uncomfortable.

My house would never in a million years fit into a home decor magazine. Where do I start? The carpet is over twenty years old and disgusting. The semi-circular window is cracked. There are stains on the ceiling and wall from a leak. The laminate on the kitchen counters peels up because the adhesive is shot. We've almost worn through the fabric on the cushions of the couch (you can see through it). I've recovered the footrest on the recliner once and it needs recovering again.

I am not a stellar house-keeper (although I can say we do keep the place picked up and reasonably organized). I like comfortable - piles of books, easy access to what is frequently used etc.

I like color. Some have described the colors of the walls as purple - magenta maybe? They were orginally a brick red but when I repainted, the match I had the paint retailer make didn't match and I've never repainted.

Tim's swords hang on the wall behind the television. Our M. Pena gargoyles, dragons, and unicorns from when we were young are in a curio cabinet behind the couch. My pedestals and globes adorn the entry and several dozen mirrors sit above the kitchen cabinets (we have a twenty foot vaulted ceiling).

The room is scattered with my crafts and the girls crafts. The arte objects range from small useful things to items that are completely useless but make me happy.

Penny's SIL described it as artistic and seemed to enjoy looking around. Her son thought I had a neat house full of cool things. People tell me they like how it is decorated and I am baffled. It is eccentric and eclectic and it makes me happy. :)

I scored with the food too. I made this Rocky Road Crockpot Cake again. The kids (except M the non-cake eater) loved it.

I didn't take pictures during art. :( But I will try to take pictures of my girls projects to share later.


Phyllis said...

It looks really comfortable to me, too. I have always thought so.

no spring chicken said...

You just described my house. I like to think that what people find attractive is that it is really 'lived' in. There are signs of 'how' we are living at the moment... everywhere. I wish we were close enough to do a bit of skills swapping. I'd love for my kids to have a little Melissa influence!

Blessings, Debbie

Judy said...

What an amazing light fixture over your table!
Your house looks wonderful. Comfortable. Creative. Filled with love.
Like a home.