Monday, February 6, 2012

she races cars...

C made a car to race in the Awana Grand Prix. The building workshop occurred while we were in Mexico so my Dad took her to the workshop and helped her cut out the shape of the car and to do the rough sanding on her car.

The design is completely C's own. It is a triceratops (that bit is for your information in case it was not obvious when you see the three horns.)

She raced in four different heats. She was disappointed that the best she placed in a heat was second.

She didn't place in the design competition at all, which was even more disappointing to her.

Tim and I weren't disappointed. We were pleased with the persistent effort that our child (who doesn't always follow through as well as we might wish) put into her vehicle.

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no spring chicken said...

Ah the grand prix! My two oldest did AWANA for years. I am very familiar with the wonderful creative process that goes into the designing and constructing. Also the nervous breath-holding at the competition. We had years of victory and of course the disappointment of defeat... those were good, good years.

I don't know how fast it was but I certainly think the judges failed to see the mastery of design! I give it first place and I know that I don't have to see the other cars to know that I'm right!

Blessings, Debbie