Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Craft (Mom Don't Peek)

The girls and I made these boxes as a Valentine's gift for the grandmothers. We used some of the marbleized papers we made last week. I made the box according to the directions at Crafts-for-all-Seasons and the girls personalized them (I wish they had been a bit more personal but I guess I involved them on the wrong day).

The box above is for my Mom I used a paper edge punch to make the paper lace that surrounds the lid (and the surprise inside the box). The box below is for my MIL and includes some of the sewing notions she sent to me before Christmas.

As you can see, the girls didn't get particularly personal in decorating the tabs - they seemed very happy just to punch stuff out or color simple images.

This flower is made from the same paper punch I used to make the lace. The paper is just the art prints in a gallery catalog my MIL picked up many years ago when we were getting some framing done. She was mildly interested in the artist (whose style is reminiscent of Kinkade but with a different color palette)

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no spring chicken said...

Another WOW Melissa! I love stuff like this... Very much something (wonderful) out of nothing. It's often a bit frustrating when we have a grand plan and the kids don't play the way we envisioned. Kuddos to you for just letting them do what THEY felt like instead of pushing.

Blessings, Debbie