Friday, February 17, 2012


I yelled at the girls today. Not your typical 'hurry up' yell nor your 'leave your sister alone' yell not even an 'if you do not do thisorthat you will be in serious trouble" kind of yell.

I yelled, screamed, stomped and threw a general temper tantrum. The source of my frustration is their inability to focus (now why should that be even slightly surprising) as well as their well-developed procrastination skills (let's see, now why did I take them out of school again?).

After I had C completely cowed and K bawling, guilt kicked in and I managed to regroup and sit down calmly and explain why I was yelling and why it was wrong and we discussed what could be done differently.

K pointed out to me that if I knew certain things were a problem for them, why did I do it? Ouch. She was right. I am the Mom. Sigh...

We took naps this afternoon and maybe next week will be better.

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no spring chicken said...

Hmmm. We all have days like this, yet I wish that weren't so. Part of the whole purpose of having them home is to build relationship and relational skills in a healthy environment. O.K.. So that didn't feel healthy. Yet, if they were going to school, so often this would happen, then they would have taken off to school where they would spill everything to their friends.. who would have rolled their eyes and confirmed that parents are wrong and foolish. They would come home and everyone would act like things were forgotten while deep inside ideas were changing and forming.

How wonderful when we are the ones who can admit to them that we are sometimes wrong and foolish. Then they can forgive us and move on having learned an important relational truth. Your doing a good job. And they will be richer for it.

Blessings, Debbie