Sunday, March 18, 2012

board games and nephews

Recently, on a trip to Goodwill, I found this National Geographic game from 1987. I decided to pick it up figuring that if there were pieces missing, I could use the cool pieces for crafts. When I got home, I opened it up and found it in perfect condition.

Friday, we had a game day for school. I like this game - hopefully, it will lead to a greater familiarity with the globe. The trivia questions are well within the reach of the girls without being too simple. I am very pleased with myself for buying this one.

At noon, we left home and headed down to Minneapolis to pick up my nephew K and head out to play once again. (You can read about K and his new twin brothers, who are at Children's Hospital, on my other blog). My sister and her husband have an extension at the Ronald McDonald House through tomorrow and will perhaps get to stay until Wednesday. Then they are looking into the off-campus Ronald McDonald House.

We went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens again but this time we played in a completely different area!! Once again, K was as good as gold. He was a little apprehensive and cried and fussed a tiny bit when we first arrived at the hospital but once we were outside and he found how wonderful the weather was, he was fine. This boy loves being outside.

Pardon all the face shots that follow but I had fun catching his expressions.

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