Thursday, March 22, 2012

papers and writing

The girls and I made these watercolor papers with rice following this tutorial from Fairy Dust Teaching via Pinterest.

These papers were made using rubber cement as a resist using a process from Grow Creative via Pinterest.


My oldest daughter is involved in a writing mentorship with published author Jonathan Friesen. He recently asked her to write one page of something new (as opposed to the book she is trying to write) and to write it in her best voice. She whipped the following out with hardly a thought with correct punctuation and mostly correct spelling.

The Black Diamond
Jim lay back on his bed and thought about what had happened that day. It had been a strange day. It had started like any other day in St. Paul. Jim had gotten out of bed, gotten dressed, and grabbed a quick breakfast. But when he got to the bus stop, Jim saw something wasn’t quite right. There wasn’t any kids or bus. So Jim went home.
When he got home, Jim’s mother handed him a box. “You may go open it in your room,” she told him.
Jim did as he was told. As soon as he did, a booming voice emanated from the box. It said, “Jim Harrison.”
“Yes sir,” Jim replied.
“You are called on an important mission to save your world as you know it.”
“Well, you’ve come to the wrong place, sir.”
“Enough with the ‘sir’! Call me Hardy.”
“Ummm, okay Mr. Hardy, sir,” Jim answered.
“I said enough with the ‘sir!’ And no ‘Mr.’ either. It’s just plain Hardy. But anyway, in this jar.” At this a jar appeared in the box,” is everything you’ll need to do this mission.”
Jim took the jar and looked in it. “But it’s empty.”
“Not when you need it. By the way, what is you’re name? Oh, wait. I remember now. It’s Jim. Now, if you go to the well at noon, we can begin our journey.”
“Okay,” Jim had answered. That was were he was now, waiting for the clock to strike half-past so he could begin to walk the half hour journey to the well and see the person who he had been talking to for the last five minutes.


Phyllis said...

I love them ALL! Wonderful, beautiful creative fun.

no spring chicken said...

Gracious, what talent! I actually wanted to keep reading... I'm looking forward to the rest of the story.

As for that paper... I really need to check out pinterest. Gorgeous!

Blessings, Debbie