Thursday, May 31, 2012

K's eighth

Here are some photos Tim took with K's camera of her eighth birthday. Above you see her with C and the Am Girl violin that C bought here with money that Grammy Howard had sent for C to spend on herself. 

Because Grammy buys an inordinate amount of stuff for the girls and spends and absurd amount of money. Tim and I usually give the girls 'educational' books and videos. Fortunately, the girls love it so it works for all of us. Above, K looks at editions 6 and 7 of Phil Vischer's excellent series "What's in the Bible."

Here you see Kira studying what is arguably (up there with the Boynton books) her favorite gift. I found a book of Audubon Art Prints in Daedalus for twenty dollars it has over two-hundred images and weighs a ton! K was, of course thrilled. She tried to explain all about it to Grammy H. on the phone but Grammy, was of course, clueless. 

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