Saturday, June 2, 2012

when Christ's light shines through us

Jesus is light. Agreed?

Light is generally perceived as white although there are many colors of light. In fact, the sum of all the colors of light add up to white. This is additive color theory.

I often pray that I could be transparent so that God can be seen through me. I don't want my ego or some form of false humility to get in the way. (Of course, these thoughts only win out in my 'purest' moments which are rare).

Sin and the fact that I am not whole - smudges my glass over with the fingerprints of self. The light shining through me will never shine through perfectly or clearly because of the murkiness of my sinful soul.

I am only part of God's image just as you are. Only through the totality of the Body can the Church can even come close to the full spectrum of light that is Christ. So perhaps we can imagine our unique talents and gifts as angles in the prism - we are here to spread certain colors of light so that when we unite with the body and are perfected in Christ - the Church becomes a beacon shining white on the hill.

The additive color theory that leads to pure white light - resembles the fact that we are all parts of a body, doesn't it? It is super-cool how God takes even science and makes it fit into the logic of faith.

Thinking about rainbows in that way makes me wonder about those who use rainbows as a symbol of pride and activism - but that is definitely for another time. :)

This a repost of an old meditative post on my other blog. I reposted it because of a gift of a beaded prism suncatcher I received from a blog friend; it led to photo play with K. 

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no spring chicken said...

This is profound. I love every bit of it... the photos, the moods, especially the truth. Well said and well shown Melissa!

Blessings, Debbie