Friday, July 13, 2012

summer summary (...thus far)

Rather than repost all the photos from vacation that I've already shared, I am writing a quick summary of events and including links to all the previously posted entries on my other blog, those northern skies. Each link will take you to a different post (I did a series of three posts about our time visiting the sequoias).

While in California, we went to Sequoia National Park to see the big trees.

We explored a cold mountain stream.

We also visited Sequoia's neighbor, King's Canyon.

We spent a week at my in-laws' timeshare at
Lake Tahoe. Where we did some exploring as well as simply enjoyed the location.

We spent some time in Virginia City with Tim's Dad, Keith. Where among many cool things, we rode an old steam engine.

The day we flew home, we visited the San Diego Maritime Museum.

The week we returned was dedicated to VBS for which I spent a ridiculous amount of time working on a music photo montage video from the photos I took.

The next week, I tried to catch up and prepare for the seminar I was going to teach. We also spent the Fourth at our next door neighbors' home (you see our neighbor and his son in the photo above).

This week, I've tried to catch up and I taught a photo seminar (I think this is my fifth year) at the library where my sister works.

This year's subject was painting with light.

The photo above was taken the weekend before the seminar with sparklers. The photo below was taken at Tahoe. One night, we all stayed up and dressed in dark clothes and went into the woods. C is making the skirt, K is making the wings, and Tim is making the halo for our angel.

In addition to all the photographed events, there were of course the unphotographed moments; like watching Kyler, while April and Randy took classes in preparation for bringing the twins home (which they did on Tuesday, Praise The Lord), countless walks with the dogs, long hours pulling weeds hoping to perhaps return the garden to its pre-trip state, loads and loads of laundry and so much more.

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