Monday, June 18, 2012

Before we flew away

On Saturday (over a week ago) before we flew to California:

On Saturday, when we should have been packing for our trip to California, we went to the KTIS Family Fun Fest. Some of you may remember that we went last year because Peter Furler was performing and K wanted to see him. She even got her picture taken with him. Well, he performed again this year. Since Phil Joel and Go Fish were performing too, we just had to go.

The first performing we saw was Phil Joel, above. He and Peter Furler both used to be members of the band the Newsboys. 
After Phil Joel's performance, we went to the bounce house area.

The girls bounced to their hearts content.

 C was grinning from ear to ear the whole way down - I am glad she liked it because we waited in line for a very long time.

Both the girls climbing up. 

K's dress flew up (she was wearing bike shorts underneath) and she got a bad burn on her back!! 

 Of course, they rode the fair classic, the carousel.

C tried the bull-ride.

After a picnic lunch, we watched Go Fish. After supper, which we ate at home in air-conditioned bliss while watching two episodes of the old Avatar cartoon, we came back for the main event (to us - we didn't stay for Toby Mac because it would have been too late).

Waiting for the Furler show meant I got to do a lot of my favorite thing, people watching. Look at the babies - I bet they were exhausted that night. 

Furler is always good and we love his music. At the Fun Fest, he took the stage with his old friend Phil Joel. They looked like they were have a great time, which made the performance exceptional.

K takes her own photo of Peter.

While K is ecstatic and enjoys the music with Daddy, C sprays her face with water. She finally asked if she could go sit under the bleachers. Tim doesn't think we should waste money on concerts for her anymore. He has a point, she doesn't seem to appreciate them.  

Can you see me now?  I like giant screens - it makes photographing a performer who is too far away to get a good shot, much easier? :)

We were all very tired Saturday night. Tim and I did some packing but not too much. Sunday was yet to come with the girls' piano recital.

We are in California now. Today we rested and caught our breath (and took a short trip to the beach). We will stay at Tim's parent's house for two more days then we will leave to drive to Sequoia and Lake Tahoe.

On Sunday before we flew to California (one week ago yesterday): The girls had their piano recital the Sunday before we left to fly out to California. I was proud of them. While they didn't perform flawlessly, they didn't let their mistakes rattle them and played their songs all the way through.

K often restarted phrases when she made a mistake but she still made it straight through her two numbers.

C was kind of funny. At home she pounds out her pieces loud and proud but with volume the recital she played very quietly but still maintained her dynamics.

The girls with Mary, their piano teacher. You couldn't find a more bubbly person or a less intimidating teacher but they still listen and strive to satisfy her.

Mary and her students. Several of the older boys were particularly good pianists. I hope the girls listened and were inspired. :)

We had a great time at Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon - I took lots of cool photos - that I hope to work on tonight. Yesterday, we arrived at Lake Tahoe. Now is time to relax and chill. 

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no spring chicken said...

Goodness, where to start? Actually I'll start where you did... I have always LOVED the Newsboys!! What a wonderful opportunity. I have memories of 2 hard times in my life. I played and replayed 2 Newsboys worship disks holding the lyrics page and belting out praise songs while the tears streamed...

The girls look beautiful sitting at the piano. Quite natural. :)

Enjoy your time. I look forward to the pics!

Blessings, Debbie