Thursday, October 4, 2012


On Saturday, we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with some homeschool friends. As always, we had a great time.

We ate lunch when we got there and then we watched The Danger Committee. The oldest son of my close friend Penny was invited dragged on stage. He was a great sport. 

They even gave him a little money when he left, it was their plug for the donation hat after the show "You were entertaining when you were on the stage and so you deserved to be paid, It Is Only the Right Thing to Do!" Clever plan and advertising. We always enjoy The Danger Committee.

Then, most of the kids rode elephants. Here K and Jarod ride together. 

C steals a ring from the dragon on the jousting ride. 

Both the girls wanted to ride the giant rocking horse again. Last year, it was in an area where there was a fire so they weren't able to ride it. 

 We explored the secret forest by the invitation of King Oberon. One of our jobs while at the RenFest was to find anything relating to Shakespeare since our home school group is studying his plays this year.

The girls in stocks. Some days, I wish...oh, did I write that out loud?!! ;)

I posted about the weekend prior to the RenFest when we picked apples, went on a hike, and went to a Raptor Release on my other blog.

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no spring chicken said...

I've heard about rennaisance fairs, seen pics and thought it would be so much fun. I never imagined something so established and permanent as what you've shared. My girls would LOVE that!

Blessings, Debbie